GSP Shipyard fosters growth for both individual and organization.

The business success GSP Shipyard registers stays in the skilled, professional and dedicated workforce.

GSP Shipyard promotes:

  • Development of competence, authority and accountability;
  • Establishment of a culture through which all personnel demonstrate their commitment to implementing the quality policy;
  • Work in a project team.

GSP Shipyard offers its workforce the privilege of interacting in a motivating work climate, together with the long-term commitment to assist and efficiently support improving the level of personnel competency.

The Company ensures a friendly and stimulating environment as well as challenging jobs.

GSP Shipyard nurtures and maintains professionalism and professional culture by adopting a written code of conduct and enforcing it by prescribing clear policies, procedures, values and behaviors, by teaching professionalism and by providing reminders, reinforcement and rewarding excellence.

GSP Shipyard has developed and strengthened its workforce building on a carefully selected set of core competencies from which sustainable advantages emerge. The services and products GSP Shipyard delivers benefit from blending knowledge, experience and certification of ambitious personnel.