GSP Shipyard – a responsible company

In recent years, there has been increased public scrutiny of the maritime industry and its environmental impacts. This has not only come from environmental organizations, local governments, and media, but also from the industry’s customers.

GSP Shipyard set the most demanding standard from its very establishment, running operations with the highest commitment to values like health, safety and environmental protection.

 The Corporate Social Responsibility stands in the very heart of the business. GSP Shipyard believes in giving back to the community in which the company develops its business. It is GSP Shipyard’s objective to prove socially responsible and to actively respond to the social and environmental community calls for involvement.

Our company strives to make profit in a way that fulfills societal and environmental needs.

Our services not only meet the demand of our partners, but they help to environmental protection, generate community welfare, stimulate development, and improve health and education.