GSP Shipyard HSE Policy clearly states the Company objectives in regards of Health, Safety, and Environmental protection:

  • No work related accidents!
  • No work related illnesses!
  • No damage to the natural environment!

The Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Objectives are available for all GSP Shipyard employees as well as for our subcontracting partners and collaborators. All personnel are encouraged to achieve the HSE Objectives and to:

  • Develop a clean and safe work process;
  • Ensure normal work environment;
  • Ensure and maintain adequate infrastructure and buildings, normally functional and non-polluting;
  • Ensure storage, handling and safe use of chemicals and hazardous waste, necessary for the fabrication process & services as well as the resulted ones;
  • Employ responsible personnel and subcontractors, understanding and conforming to the legal procedures and regulations in force;
  • Manufacture products that can be safely used by customers;
  • Periodically evaluate performance in the above listed areas in order to continuously improve the HSE Standards.