GSP Shipyard strives to improve the environmental awareness of our employees as the environment protection posses a focal significance both for GSP Shipyard present and the future development.

We prepare the path for future generations by making an important goal from carrying on our activities without harming the environment.

The shipbuilding industry has found it helpful to employ and develop environmental management best practices. GSP Shipyard integrates environmental considerations into its Management System, as well as in every day operations, assessing potential environmental impacts and identifying best mitigation solutions specially designed for each process, such as: steel works for offshore and onshore activities, shipbuilding, conversion, ship-repairs and other steel works, equipment maintenance Storage, Transfer (Loading/Unloading), Dry Bulk Storage & Handling, Liquid Bulk Storage & Transfer (Loading/Unloading), Non-bulk Chemical Storage & Handling, Port Cargo Handling Equipment & Rail/Truck, Operations Powered by Diesel Engines, Vehicle & Equipment Fueling, Management of Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste, General Operations that can Impact Neighboring Areas producing Noise, Light, Odor, Trash, Dust.

GSP Shipyard focuses in finding the balance between performance in business and performance in environmental protection.